Natures Gift

CBD - Food  Suppliment

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What is Cbd Oil


Cannabidiol - affectionately referred to as a gift from nature or Natures Gift.

It's a compound highly acclaimed to possess significant benefits when trying to restore the body's endocannabinoid system and should not be confused with its cousin Marijuana!

Cbd Oil does not make you feel "High" or “stoned” as it contains less than 0.2% Thc

(The compound that produces the "High")  thus making it legal throughout Europe. 



Due to a UK MHRA directive, Cbd oil has been acknowledged and reclassified as a medicine.

Therefore an appropriate license is required for its sale.
In compliance with this directive, Natures Gift is sold only as a food supplement.
Therefore all references and customer reviews which refer to Natures Gift as a medicine

have been removed, along with lab results which now also must be approved by MHRA.